My Role:
Assistant UX Designer & Research Coordinator
User Testing, Sketch,, InVision
Wireframes, Test design, Competitive analysis, Prototype designs.

Step 1: Competitive Analysis
On this project, acting as the assistant, I was on hand to help work on designs passed from the Primary UX Designer whom had already discerned a direction for the widget. Even so, I wanted to put together a competitive analysis just to be sure we did not miss anything and covered all our bases in the research.
Step 2: Design Iteration
Once the competitive analysis was finished and presented, the primary UX designer gave me the green light to start iterating. Creating 3 options of slider design I then moved into User Survey's to figure out which one was easiest to understand and use for the returning and new user. We also put together the slider interaction in a live prototype, utilizing hot spots to mimic the functionality for better clarity.
Step 3: User Surveys
Through recorded user surveys we were able to narrow down which slider variation was the easiest to understand, use, and function as expected. The results of which were presented to the Primary UX designer, whom then approved the direction. 
Step 4: Design Refinement and Hand off
Refining the design in Sketch was the final part of this project for my role. We branded the "Merino" line with it's own color separate from the rest of the site, bringing into play the dusty purple seen in the final iteration.
Live Version
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