The following was a series of Facebook and Twitter advertisements for Pusser's Rum. The goal was to create a consistent look and feel, while emphasizing the History, Uniqueness, and Quality of the rum. Using the subject of the Royal Navy's Daily Tot tradition, and colorization of black and white photos, the result was a highly successful campaign that increased fan activity for the company.
In each photo, the subject for colorization was chosen based on which person was interacting with the rum, the eye line of the viewer, and the importance of the subject within the photo.
Using different versions of the same time honored, beloved tradition, we were able to engage fans and entice them to share the photos with their friends gaining more exposure.
Each photo represents the same core idea.
The idea that Pusser's Rum is unique, stands out from the crowd, and once you try it you will be hooked. As one of the fan's said "It brings color to your life"
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