This piece shows that not every lettering piece needs to be a full composition. Originally, I had not wanted it to be - only focusing on the blackletter "Shady" treatment, but then I felt unhappy. Why? Because I went onto Instagram and scrolled through dozens of beautiful composition pieces and felt that I had to do that too, thus the result below. I wasn't happy with it, and I knew it, but at the time being a self taught letterer I didn't know that a finished piece could just be one word. However, in time I learned to be more confident and the piece evolved once more before it's final form.
As I began to become more confident with calling just one word a finished piece, I decided to allow just a sliver of the original stay. The "slim" became a small accent to the piece, and remained for a long time. I was happy this way, but the star of the show was always the blacklettering, so finally upon a revisit as I was prepping for Ascenders Vol. 1 I gave the piece it's true form: SHADY.
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