My Role: 
UX Designer under Art Director
Sketch, InVision
Internal Pages, Homepage, Components
Brand Refresh​​​​​​​
When this project came our way it had already gone through the hands of a multitude of designers, and it showed, While there was a general brand that could be seen behind the decisions already made, there was a lot of clutter that went on with it. This was especially true for the card-based dashboard showcasing the lessons offered in the program. Color played a large role, but upon review between myself and my Art Director, it played too large a role.

Old Version

This lead to a brainstorming session where we decided that the hierarchy needed to be improved as legibility was far too low as it stood. Moving the color to the left side of the card, we freed up the right side for more typographical work. Improving hierarchy lead to improved legibility. However, something seemed missing. The icons were so flat and line based they were easily missed - we felt they could be utilized better to add to the design rather than take away from it.


New Version

While keeping elements from the previous design, we went with a flat icon with short shadow direction to create balance with the depth already on the page, and familiarity for previous users. Utilizing the color through the design rather than in just one large block allowed for the cognitive load to decrease and the brand to look more modern, directed, intentional, and clear.
Live View
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