When I was a young designer fresh out of college almost 10 years ago, I would go on Dribbble and look in awe at all the wonderful pieces. Truly believing that I would never be good enough to be invited onto the platform. Now, thanks to @Pavel Aleksandrovich Pro I can say that I've reached the young-me's design milestone! To celebrate, I decided to make a proper lettered introduction.
Let's talk process. Usually, I'm a pencil and paper to start with type of girl; however, I wanted to try and challenge myself with my new tablet. I decided to try out the tools available to me digitally to see if I can streamline my process. While I did decide to stick with pencil and paper as a first step, this type of challenge taught me to be flexible with my tools and learn as many different types as possible. After all, each project will require a different touch!

Below is the concept sketch for this piece, as you can see it evolved a lot over time.
If you were to wander over to my Dribbble page, this is the image you would see for this project. While I was satisfied with it at the time, coming back to the piece later left a gnawing feeling in my gut that told me to play more with it. So, I did! While I have a fondness still for its first version, I have to say the final presentation to me is far cleaner and was another lesson I took to heart in my lettering journey. Keep playing!
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